Intellectual Concepts engineering staff has an extensive experience with transportation, utilities, water/wastewater and railroad projects.Competent and thorough inspection is one of the most important elements in achieving a quality construction project.IC staff brings, in addition to technical expertise and knowledge, sound judgement, diplomacy and good communication skills.At Intellectual Concepts, safety is paramount, therefore our construction inspection staff receive continuous safety training to ensure on-site safety are strictly adhere to.

Our Service offerings include:

  • Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI)

    • Inspection and oversight of construction to ensure procedures and material comply with plans and specifications
    • Contractor’s activity inspection and documentation
    • Inspector’s daily report preparation
    • Interpret drawings and specifications and discuss deviations
    • Contractor’s schedule monitoring
    • Monitoring and documentation of materials delivered and incorporated into the work
  • Construction at Risk support

    • Construction Engineering Inspection
    • Intelligent System Installation and Maintenance
  • Intelligent System Installation and Maintenance (supporting toll lanes, CAD/AVL systems, AV, intelligent corridors and intersection) that could include the following:

    • Enhanced Data Communication
    • Interface with fixed-route scheduling software
    • CAD Systems
    • AVL Systems
    • Automatic Passenger Counters (APCs)
    • Automatic Bicycle Counters (ABC)
    • Dash Boards (Business Intelligence) and Reporting
    • Automated Vehicle Announcements (AVA)
    • Video Surveillance System
    • Fare Collection Systems
    • Pedestrian warning systems
    • Traffic Signal Prioritization
  • Davis Bacon /DBE Compliance

DBE Certifications

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